Employee & Volunteer Code of Conduct

Employee & Volunteer Code of Conduct

To share in the ministry of Christ is a great privilege as well as a tremendous responsibility.  The privilege is the joy of sharing in the mission of Jesus Himself.  The responsibility is to act in a way that conforms to the attitude and actions of Christ.  As is evident in the Gospels, Jesus had a deep, abiding respect for each human being and never did anything that harmed or misled people in their personal or spiritual life.


In this spirit, Personnel:

  • are expected to represent the Church in a faithful, authentic and loving way, supporting the teachings, disciplines, and traditions of the Catholic Church;

  • will exhibit the highest Catholic ethical standards and personal integrity in their day-to-day work and personal lives;

  • will conduct themselves in a professional manner in both church and work environments, avoiding any flagrant or public misconduct;

  • will hold one another accountable to conduct and standards appropriate to their respective roles;

  • will foster the dignity of each person and be committed to the best interests of others;

  • will respect the integrity of all individuals and protect the confidentiality of all information to which they have access;

  • will not take advantage of any relationship with a child/youth for their own benefit;

  • will not physically, sexually, or emotionally abuse anyone;

  • will not neglect a child who is in their care.

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