Discipline Policy

If an individual is disrespectful or disruptive in the classroom or any other location on church property, the first offense s/he will be warned.  Individuals whose behavior becomes a continual problem will be sent out of the class to the religious education manager.  If unacceptable behavior continues to be a problem, s/he will be removed from the class and the parents will be contacted and a meeting will take place to resolve the issues.  As a last recourse, when the situation cannot be resolved, the parents will be asked to finish the year at home with the child following the Diocesan guidelines for home schooling.

Zero Tolerance 

Any student found in the possession of any weapon or who assaults or makes any threat toward another student, teacher, or other individual shall (absent special circumstances) be immediately expelled.  Also, any student found in the possession of, using, or under the influence of any illegal drug or alcohol shall (absent special circumstances) be immediately expelled.  Any student expelled may reapply for admission at the beginning of the next school year but will be required to establish that the act(s) for which he or she was expelled, or similar act(s) shall not recur.

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